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2020 saw a rise in 3D illusions, metallic textures, typographic variations, monochromatic themes and digital paintings. These trends did not just vanish away in 2021 but evolved into more creative and innovative art to take our breath away. Let’s have a look at the top 5 graphic designing trends that have taken over 2021.

1. Retro Nostalgia:

Designers are bringing back the 60’s and 70’s styles by giving modern designs a retro look. This trend is more popular when it comes to designing logos and posters by making them look authentic while using bold yet clean fonts. This is a real power move when it comes to captivating the attention of the audience. Contemporary brands have learned to tap the factor of nostalgia so that the millennial generation can relate to the brand’s communication. Whereas for the Gen-Z retro has become the new cool. This style is mostly used by brands with fun, outgoing and vibrant personalities.

2. Surrealism:

Surrealism is the latest graphic design trend that creates creatively amazing art that brings out the imaginations from the subconscious mind of the designer. The designs come straight from the artists’ fantasies, dreams and terrors. This trend gives out a mixture of reality with creative and zany designs while designing posters, book covers and unique packaging. When surrealism is used in outdoor or digital advertisements there is no doubt that these advertisements make you stop and look at them twice. Surrealism can be used by any brand that wants to have a creative presence.

3. Character Illustrations:

Using character illustrations that are customized for your brand has become increasingly popular. These characters can be styled into mature themes and given a chic, sophisticated, quirky or fun look. These custom character illustrations can also be used as digital mascots for a brand. This trend is very famous when it comes to designing products such as printables and notebooks.

4. Nude colour Palette:

Nude color palette is one of the most underrated and diversified colour palettes. Along with focusing on the beauty of human skin tones the palette includes so many undertones as well. It is an elaborate mixture of peach, rose, coral, rust, warm browns, chocolate hues and ochers. These colours give out a very sophisticated look and an elegant vibe making it very popular amongst the designers to create a trendy modern and classic brand. Lighter shades like creams, off whites, are often combined with the playful and soft pink pastels, rusts or corals to give a very neat and chic look. Packaging with intrinsic neutral elements stands out on the shelf.

5. Nature Inspirations:

With people spending most of their 2020 locked inside their houses, no wonder Nature Inspirations is another trending pattern of graphic designing. Designers took inspiration from mother nature and brought the patterns in the digital world. The style is not limited to just patterns and shapes of flowers, leaves, rocks, mountains and other natural elements but also includes the use of earthy colours and tones, nature-inspired lights and gradients in the colour scheme. This trend can be seen everywhere right from social media advertisements to product designs to beautifully designed intricate packagings. This trend is predominantly seen in FMCG brands along with the brands that want to add an elegant touch to their personality.

These are some of the trends you can get your hands on in 2021, but hey, don’t limit yourself to these. Think out of the box, try different combinations and put your creativity out there.