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How do I increase my followers on social media is a question asked by not just hundreds of individuals but also businesses daily. But the real question is does your business need to be dependent upon the count of followers only? Let’s read more to find out.

1. Stop Counting!

It is very well assumed that more followers mean more popularity and more popularity leads to more conversions. This is not entirely true. Some pages have inactive followers just to create hype. New and fresh brands definitely get an inferiority complex when they look at such a huge following. But the follower numbers don’t always tell the reality. These brands can have 100K followers on Instagram but only 200 likes on their posts, and that’s not good engagement when compared to followers count. This definitely doesn’t look good for the brand’s image.

2. Create an Impact

Instead of focusing on how many followers you have, let’s focus on creating an effective social media strategy, curating great content relevant to your target audience and effectively engaging with your followers. Instead of fretting over followers, you should focus on whether the number of people who saw your content really like it, share it, respond to it and modify your strategy accordingly.

3. Slow and Steady!

Today most of the popular social media platforms push more on the pay-to-play model. So brands are concerned more about running paid ads and gather huge followers. But that doesn’t mean we should play loose on the organic reach.  Even though it is a slow process, it helps in generating your brand awareness and value. It helps you in generating the right community to fulfill your marketing objectives. Even if small but loyal followers follow you, it is a solid gain for your brand.

4. Focus on the Shift

Your brand must have its presence on multiple social media platforms. And each must have its unique strategy, content plan and consistency. The key is to keep analyzing, evolving, and keeping your communication fluid across the channels.

Trust us when we say, it’s not a “Socks Story” where one size fits all. Each brand and every industry requires a different approach to social media. Tell us where you are at with your social strategies. Let’s discuss!